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So what do you people do here? What kind of activities are you involved in? Hobbies etc. Lets get some topic(s) started.
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lol go u! well hmmm my hobbies.....uhhh going on line going to the movies....EATING CHEESE STICKS FROM HOT DOG ON A STICK! well i ono wut else
wut was the last movie u saw?
Heh actually Mean Girls. Before that Freddy Vs Jason and I think before that Resident Evil Nemesis.
u havent seen napolian dynomite?!
its so good!
i'm so excited that people are actually posting in here! this is so great! hmm lets see, we should have some movie watching thing like what they have over at indieobscure. any ideas? please post! hehe yay!
hey jenny 1/2 day on friday i dont think u have one do you....im gonna go c a movie!
I haven't seen napoleon dynamite. If you strongly suggest it I'll check it out when its rentable.

Kinipela: Do you mean something like, everyone rents a movie and watches it on the same day and then we all talk about it the next day?
yep, something like that
good, no?