jenny (kinipela3689) wrote in cant_hide,


everyone is over at _dorkswholove . start recruiting more people over here! and we need to vote on a movie to watch.
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That's becaue _dorkswholove is sooo killer awesome!!! ;)

Honestly? The reason I haven't signed up yet? I have absolutely no clue what your community is all about. What do you guys doo?

Win me over! :-D

seriously we came up with the idea by flipping through a magazine. and i when i stopped, it was an ad for illegal downloading and we decided to make it the name of our community. i guess this could be about anything. movies, music, what's going on in the world, or maybe you want to rave or rant about something.
whatever you like... just no porn or anything naughty, yeah?
ready, set, DOWNLOAD!!!