jenny (kinipela3689) wrote in cant_hide,

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good plan, eh?

so hows about that movie watching thing where we all vote on a movie we could all watch (seperately of course)a movie then discuss about it. omg! we should totally call it "coffee talk"! yay!!! i'm so happy!! "cwaffee twalk!!!" hehe ok so start voting ya'll!!
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Hmmm, should it be something we haven't seen?
I was considering Highwaymen, since it's one of the few things I haven't seen that looks decent.
what's it about? who's in it? we should all take a vote later on
Uh Jim Caveezel might be in it? I think it's about some psycho dude that runs people down/kills them on this one stretch of highway, and he kills the main characters wife/girlfriend and he goes after the bad guy.